Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hurricane Katrina Descruction

Day 5: The first thing I noticed when I drove into New Orleans was the damage to a couple of high-rise hotels...mostly windows blown out. There was much construction and rebuilding around the downtown area. Poydras Street is starting to shape up and the French Quarter area looks the same as it always had. However a block or two outside downtown was another story. Most homes had piles of garbage stacked in front of them. And nearly all businesses were closed down and boarded up on Broad St(hwy 90).

Although the destruction was widespread in New Orleans, I was shocked to see the complete devastation in the towns of Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, and Gulfport, MS. It would be without exaggeration to say that all structures near the coast were completely destroyed. Nearly all the buildings have since been completly torn down and trucked away. It was earily quite on hwy 90.

And the big casinos took a pretty good hit on the gulf in Biloxi, MS. I wouldn't mind if they didn't get rebuilt however...I always felt they were an eyesore on the beautiful beaches of Mississippi.


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