Monday, July 31, 2006

The Big Apple!

Day 22: White Plains, NY. I guess I've gotten a little behind on my trip updates. I've been in New York for a week now and it's been a blast! Manhattan is an amazing place...there's so much to see and do...and I tried to do it all in a week(I don't think my feet will ever recover)! But before I ever even got to Manhattan, I got to check out how cool White Plains is (where I stayed with friends from Blue Sky Studios). White Plains is a city itself that is about 25 minutes from train to Grand Central Station. Most people in the city live in semi-high-rise buildings built in the 20s and 30s like the one below:

Downtown White Plains is growing as we speak. The tower on the left is a recently built Trump Tower. And in the background you can see one of the 40 story Residences of Ritz-Carlton towers under construction.

Jerod, me, and Kathy toast up a couple of margarita's at dinner to start the evening off right! These two let me crash at their apartments while I was in town...thanks guys!!!


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