Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Big Bend National Park

Day 88: Big Bend, TX. This enormous national park can be found in southwest Texas bordering Mexico on the Rio Grande. Not only did I find the natural formations spectacular, but I only saw a couple of other cars there in the 2 to 3 hours I spent exploring.

At one point I came across a family of javelinas(furry pig-like animals) crossing the road. I had to come to a complete stop so that all of them(around 8) could finish their crossing. When the last one was almost off the road, he stopped and looked back at me and shot me a dirty look.

The next two photos were taken at the border between Mexico. The Rio Grande River has carved these rocks over thousands of years. The foreground (with all the shrubs) is actually the river. You can’t see any water because the summers are very dry. I found the site of this wall of rocks to be very eerie. Not only is it coincidental that a huge wall just happens to be the border of our country, but the size was staggering (probably 300 to 500 feet high).


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