Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Vancouver and a rare Ted Loo siting!

Day 139: Vancouver, BC. This city turned out to be a pretty impressive place! I guess it reminds me a little bit of San Francisco...lots of natural beauty and plenty to do. I stayed the weekend at Mark Thielen's place, who unfortunately had to leave town before I arrived. This is the spectacular view out his window:

Through an amazing coincidence, Ted Loo just happened to email me about a month before I headed up to Canada. Ted animated with me on the Jimmy Neutron movie, but we lost contact over the years since. Now he's running his own personal training fitness company in Vancouver. You can check out his site at Needless to say, the Jack and Crowns were flowing pretty heavy that weekend! :) Here's a pic with Ted and his girlfriend Rana. These two are super cool and was fun to hang out with them. Now we just gotta get Moses to take a trip up there!

On my final afternoon in town Thielen got back into town. Even though he just had an exhausting flight from Chicago, he still had the energy to show me a little bit of the city. He showed me around Rainmaker, the studio he now works at. I totally dug the studio...especially their break room which has been built as a full-functioning irish pub:

Here's a pretty shoddy panoramic shot a pasted together from pics taken on the roof of Rainmaker. If you click on the image it will give you a bigger image that you can actually see:


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