Monday, July 31, 2006

Earth and Manhattan!

Day 28: somewhere in Manhattan, NY. After the PS1 party we freshened up at Jerod's brothers sweet apartment overlooking the Hudson River on one side and Time's Square on the other.

Then we grabbed some dinner at a restaurant called Earth in Chelsea...

...before hanging out at McSorley's, which is the oldest bar in Manhattan (opened in 1854)! McSorley's only serves two kinds of beers(light or dark) and you can't get just one mug...they give you two! Saville showed us why they should serve 3 beers each round instead of 2! :)

White Plains night life!

Day 27: White Plains, NY. After some ferocious guitar playing by all, the band members strike a pose at Tom Saville's studio before embarking on the night scene in White Plains (because we missed our train to Manhattan)!

A few hours later at the James Joyce bar and we're feeling pretty good...although Jerod appears to be doing his impression of the Mona Lisa.

PS1 party!!!

Day 28: Queens, NY. So somehow someone heard about this party called PS1 at the Museum of Modern Art in Queens. It turned out to be a pretty wild reminded us of that crazy party scene in Matrix 2! And apparantly it happens every Saturday during the summer. We checked out some of the modern "art" in the galleries...uhhhh...yeah...that was interesting. Well at least the galleries were air conditioned because it was a very hot and humid day!

The Big Apple!

Day 22: White Plains, NY. I guess I've gotten a little behind on my trip updates. I've been in New York for a week now and it's been a blast! Manhattan is an amazing place...there's so much to see and do...and I tried to do it all in a week(I don't think my feet will ever recover)! But before I ever even got to Manhattan, I got to check out how cool White Plains is (where I stayed with friends from Blue Sky Studios). White Plains is a city itself that is about 25 minutes from train to Grand Central Station. Most people in the city live in semi-high-rise buildings built in the 20s and 30s like the one below:

Downtown White Plains is growing as we speak. The tower on the left is a recently built Trump Tower. And in the background you can see one of the 40 story Residences of Ritz-Carlton towers under construction.

Jerod, me, and Kathy toast up a couple of margarita's at dinner to start the evening off right! These two let me crash at their apartments while I was in town...thanks guys!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cool new rock group!

We saw these guys perform last night...they rocked! :)

AntBully is finally in theaters!!!

You can also check out my AntBully DemoReel in the Animation section of this site. It's about 50MB right now so you might want to right-click on it and save it to your local drive.

I get to climb up a lighthouse!

Day 21: Havre de Grace, MD. Between Baltimore and New York is this beautiful little town where it seems most of the businesses (including a bank) have been turned into antique stores. I also got to climb up into what they said was the oldest working lighthouse in America. It was a narrow fit to get through the door at the top after climbing the spiral staircase.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our countries capital!

Day 20: Washington, DC. I must say that I was pretty overwhelmed at the size of this city and how great the museums were. Even though I was only there for one day, I got to see quite a bit of city(and my feet are paying for it now)! You've all seen the famous buildings and monuments many times before, so I won't bore you with that. Instead here's a picture of a metal garden at the US Botonical Gardens. Here you can smell the aroma of plants from around the world!

My favorite building I visited was the Library of Congress. Here's a pictures of one of the rooms. Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of the Main Reading Room which was by far the most amazing room I've ever seen in my life(I couldn't even find a post card of it in the gift shop).

These next two pictures are of the World War II Memorial (adjacent to the Reflecting Pool). This is a recent addition to the Mall and some of you may never have seen it (or know it exists).

Monday, July 24, 2006

The town that time forgot!

Day 19: Colonial Williamsburg, VA. When I first heard that a colonial town existed in Virigina I figured it was probably a quaint old town like many I've seen throughout my drive. What I found was a town that was at least a mile wide with hundreds of restored or rebuilt buildings. It's sort of like an amusement park of history without any rides(except for the horse and carriage). Everyone working in the town was dressed in clothing of the 18th century....even some of the tourists were dressed that way too!

Way cool Neptune statue

Day 18: Virginia Beach, VA. I forgot to read the plaque attached to this statue, but it looked amazing on the beach...lots of cool details. Virginia Beach looks like a really fun place to hang out and party. Unfortunately I ended up staying the night in Norfolk at the worst motel of this trip so far! :(

Friday, July 14, 2006

Kickin' it at the beach!

Days 10-15: I'm at the beach...nothing new to report this week! :)

Old school TacoBell siting!

I saw this old-style TacoBell somewhere near Savannah...I forgot how cool that old logo was(or maybe it just reminds me of when I was a kid)!

The most beautiful town in America!!!

Day 9: Savannah, GA. One of these days I need to stay in this town longer than half a day...the homes and trees here are amazing! But I think it's about time that the Savannah College of Art and Design stops expanding(although I appreciate them renovating all the historical buildings).

This first picture is of me in Chippewa Square. Can you guess which well known movie was filmed here? I'll give you a hint...the park bench is no longer there.

These next two pictures were taken at the Bonaventure Cemetery. This is the most amazing looking cemetery I've ever seen(it's also where they filmed "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil").

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coolest antique store in Georgia(maybe America too)!

Day 8: I saw this amazing looking antique store in what I think was the town of Dupont, GA...unfortunately it was closed (apparently all stores in Georgia are closed on Sundays)! Is that an Edsel just laying out in the front yard rusting?

Cool bike rack in Alabama...seriously!

Day 6: I saw this in downtown Mobile, AL...pretty cool...both functional and a cool sculpture.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hurricane Katrina Descruction

Day 5: The first thing I noticed when I drove into New Orleans was the damage to a couple of high-rise hotels...mostly windows blown out. There was much construction and rebuilding around the downtown area. Poydras Street is starting to shape up and the French Quarter area looks the same as it always had. However a block or two outside downtown was another story. Most homes had piles of garbage stacked in front of them. And nearly all businesses were closed down and boarded up on Broad St(hwy 90).

Although the destruction was widespread in New Orleans, I was shocked to see the complete devastation in the towns of Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, and Gulfport, MS. It would be without exaggeration to say that all structures near the coast were completely destroyed. Nearly all the buildings have since been completly torn down and trucked away. It was earily quite on hwy 90.

And the big casinos took a pretty good hit on the gulf in Biloxi, MS. I wouldn't mind if they didn't get rebuilt however...I always felt they were an eyesore on the beautiful beaches of Mississippi.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July...San Antonio, TX style!!!

Day 3: Not only did the neighbor of Hollywood Park put together a pretty impressive Fourth of July parade, but the parade route was right down my brothers street. It felt like one of those parades you see in movies taking place in the midwest during the 1950s. Superman may not be waving the American flag this year...but everyone in this town was!